5Ds Series

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  • Jack Atlas Deck (Anime Style) (Anime-Deck)

    Jack Atlas Anime Style Deck

    Deck List

    Monster Cards
    Archfiend Interceptor
    Big Piece Golem
    Mad Archfiend
    Medium Piece Golem
    Power Breaker
    Power Giant
    Power Invader
    Small Piece Golem
    Smile Angel
    Smile Kid
    Strong Wind Dragon
    Synchro Soldier
    Twin-Shield Defender
    Twin-Sword Marauder
    Vice Dragon
    Attack Gainer
    Clock Resonator
    Creation Resonator
    Dark Resonator
    Dark Tinker
    Dread Dragon
    Extra Veiler
    Sinister Sprocket
    Trap Eater

    Spell Cards
    Cost Down
    Double Summon
    Red Dragon Vase
    Resonator Call
    Scarlet Security
    Trap Pause
    trap cards
    Compulsory Recoil Device
    Descending Lost Star
    Lineage of Destruction
    Nightmare Archfiends
    Red Screen
    Revival Gift
    Shadow Spell
    Zero Hole
    extra deck
    Multiple Piece Golem
    Chaos King Archfiend
    Exploder Dragonwing
    Red Dragon Archfiend
    Red Nova Dragon

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