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Paradox | Malefic Deck


Paradox Anime Style Deck

Deck List

(33 Cards)
Monster Cards | 11 Cards
Blue Eyes White Dragon
Red-Eyes Black Dragon
Malefic Blue eyes white dragon
Malefic Cyber End dragon
Malefic Parallel Gear
Malefic Rainbow dragon
Malefic Red-eyes B dragon
Malefic Stardust dragon
Malefic Truth dragon
phantom of chaos
Rainbow Dragon
Spell Cards | 10 Cards
Allure of Darkness
Forbidden Chalice
Malefic Divide
Malefic Selector
Malefic World
Malefic World
Malefic World
Monster Reborn
Pot of Greed
Pseudo Space
Trap Cards | 9 Cards
Call of the Haunted
Malefic Claw Stream
Malefic Paradigm Shift
Malefic Tune
Skill Drain
Skill Drain
Ultimate offering
Malefic Force
Ultimate Providence


Extra Deck Cards | 3 Cards
Cyber End Dragon
Malefic Paradox dragon
Stardust Dragon

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  • Model: Anime-Deck

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