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Ryou Bakura | FINAL Deck


Ryou Bakura Anime Style Deck

Deck List
(43 Cards)
Monster Cards | 16 Cards
Earthbound Spirit
Goblin Zombie
Headless Knight
Souls of the Forgotten
The Earl of Demise
The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams
The Portrait's Secret
Dark Necrofear
Dark Ruler Ha Des
Jowgen the Spiritualist
Puppet Master
Man-Eater Bug
White Magical Hat
Spell Cards | 16 Cards
Pot of Greed
Grief Tablet
Dark Designator
Dark Sanctuary
Monster Reborn
Premature Burial
Spirit Message "A"
Spirit Message "I"
Spirit Message "L"
Spirit Message "N"
Spiritualistic Medium
The Dark Door
The Shallow Grave
Trap Cards | 7 Cards
Narrow Corridor
Call of the Earthbound
Mirror Tablet
Rebirth Tablet
Spirit Shield
Dark Spirit of the Silent
Dark Spirit of the Silent
Destiny Board
Fearful Earthbound
Multiple Destruction

Extra Deck Cards | 1 Cards
The Duke of Demise

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