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Yuya Sakaki Deck (Anime Style) (Season 1)


Yuya Sakaki Deck (Season 1)
Anime Style Deck

Deck List l 41 Cards

Monster Cards l 8
Performapal Hip Hippo
Performapal Secondonkey
Performapal Skeeter Skimmer
Performapal Springoose
Performapal Stamp Turtle
Performapal Sword Fish
Performapal Thunderhino
Performapal Whip Snake
Pendulum Monsters l 14
Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
Pendulum Statue Red Fairy
Pendulum Statue Red Fiend
Performapal Camelump
Performapal Cheermole
Performapal Drummerilla
Performapal Kaleidoscorp
Performapal Silver Claw
Performapal Trump Witch
Performapal Turn Toad
Stargazer Magician
Timegazer Magician
Xiangke Magician
Xiangsheng Magician
Spell Cards l 10
Big Return
Draw Muscle
Hippo Carnival
Illusion Balloons
Magical Star Illusion
Magician Manipulation
Performapal Recasting
Wonder Balloons
trap cards l 6
Performapal Pinch Helper
Performapal Call
Performapal Curtain Call
Performapal Reborn Force
Performapal Revival
extra deck l 3

Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon
Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon 
Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon
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