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Yami Yugi Deck II (Anime Style)

Yami Yugi Anime Style Deck
Deck List

Monster Cards
Celtic Guardian 
curse of dragon
dark magician 
feral imp
mystical elf
Jacks knight
queens knight
kings knight
gaia the fierce knight
horn imp
The Tricky
turtle catapult
big shield gardna
dark magician girl 
electromagnetic turtle
buster blader
green gadget 
yellow gadget 
red gadget 
silent magician lv 0
silent swordsman lv 0
sorcerer of dark magic 
magicians valkyria 
Spell Cards
Black lister ritual 
black magic ritual 
monster reborn
book of secret arts
monster recovery
monster replace
mystic box
swords of revealing light
pot of greed 
card of sancity
horn of the unicorn
magic formula
trap cards
Magical hats
mirror force
stronghold the moving fortress 
spellbinding circle
dark renewal 
divine wind
Extra Deck
Magicain of black chaos 
black lister solider
gaia the dragon champion
dark paladin


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  • Model: Anime-Deck

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