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Yami Yugi Deck III (Anime Style)

Yami Yugi Anime Style Deck
Deck List

Monster Cards
slifer the sky dragon 
obelisk the tormentor 
the winged dragon of ra 
quenns knight 
king knight 
jack knight 
alpha the magnet warrior 
beta the magnet warrior 
gamma the magnet warrior 
valkyrion the magna warrior 
dark magician girl 
dark magician 
buster blader 
eye of timaeus 
big shield gardna 
electromagnetic turtle 
gazelle the king of mystical beast 
obnoxious celtic gard 
black luster soldier
Spell Cards
pot of greed 
card of sanctity 
mystical space typhon 
graceful charity 
underworld circle 
monster reborn 
brain control
magic formula 
magical hats 
brave attack 
card destruction 
black luster ritual 
trap cards
mirror force 
divine wind 
disgraceful charity 
seven tools of the bandit 
mystical refpanel 
zero gravity 
relay soul
magic cylinder
the regulation of tribe 
lightforce sword 
Extra Deck
chimere the flying mystical 
dark paladin 
amulet dragon
dark magician girl the dragon knight


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  • Model: Anime-Deck

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