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Jesse Anderson | Anime Style Deck


Jesse Anderson Anime Style Deck

Deck List

Monster Cards
Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth
Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat
Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle
Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise
Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle
Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus
Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger
Rainbow Dragon

Spell Cards
Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins
Crystal Beacon
Crystal Flash
Crystal Release
Crystal Spring
Crystal Tree
E Force
GEM Burst
Golden Rule
M Force
Monster Reincarnation
Monster Reincarnation
Pot of Greed
Prism Wall
Rainbow Blessing
Rare Value
Take Flight
trap cards
Amber Crystal Circle
Crystal Fortress
Crystal Pair
Cut Jewel
Damage Capture
G Force
Last Resort
Mine Blast
Rainbow Gravity
Rainbow Life
Rainbow Life
Sapphire Revive
The One to be Protected
Trap Strap
Triggered Summon


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