Maximillion Pegasus Decks

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  • Maximillion Pegasus Deck (Anime Style) (Anime-Deck)

    Maximillion Pegasus Anime Style Deck

    Deck List

    Monster Cards
    flying elephant
    illusionist faceless mage
    dark eyes illusionist
    dragon piper
    thousand eye idol
    dark rabbit
    red archery girl
    toon aligator
    jigen bakudan
    parrot dragon
    dream clown
    crass clown
    toon dark magician girl
    toon gemini elf
    toon mermaid
    blue eyes toon dragon
    blue eyes toon dragon
    toon summoned skull
    toon summoned skull
    manga ryu-ran

    Spell Cards
    toon table of contents
    toon table of contents
    toon world
    toon world
    negative energy
    eye of illusions
    magical neutralizing force
    shine palace
    black illusion ritual
    toon rollback
    trap cards
    trap displacement
    dragon capture jar
    gorgon eye
    toon defence
    tears of a mermaid
    extra deck
    thousand eye restrict

    Special Cards
    Duelist's Glove
    the glory of the kings hand
    The Glory of the King's Opposite Hand
    The Kingdom
    Voyage to the Kingdom


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