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Seto Kaiba Deck | Waking the Dragons (Season 4. V1)

Seto Kaiba Anime Style Deck
Deck List
(45 Cards)

Monster Cards | 17
Ancient Lamp
Blade Knight
Blue Eyes White Dragon
Blue Eyes White Dragon
Blue Eyes White Dragon
Kaiser Sea Horse
La Jinn the mystical genie of the lamp
Lord of D
Obelisk The Tormendor
Paladin of White Dragon
Saggi the dark clown
Sword of Soul
The Fang of Crytias
Vorse Raider
X Head Cannon
Y Dragon Head
Z Metal Tank
Spell Cards | 15
Card Guard
Card of demise
Command Silencer
Enemy Controller
Lullaby of obedience
Monster Reborn
Pot of Greed
Ring of Defence
Soul Exchange
Spell Absorption
The Flute of Summoning Dragon
Thirst of compensation
White dragon ritual
Trap Cards | 9
Attack Guidance Armour
Crush Card Virus
Interdimensional matter transporter
Magical trick Mirrors
Negate Attack
Power Balance
Ring of Destruction
Soul Demolition
Wish of Final Effort
Extra Deck | 4
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Doom Virus dragon
XY Dragon cannon
XYZ Dragon Cannon


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