Alexis Rhodes Deck (Anime Style)


Alexis Rhodes Anime Style Deck

Deck List

Monster Cards
Blade Skater
Cyber Gymnast
Cyber Petit Angel
Cyber Prima
Cyber Tutu
Etoile Cyber
Mind on Air
Cyber Angel Benten
Cyber Angel Dakini
Cyber Angel Idaten

Spell Cards
Allegro Toile
Angel Wing
Fulfillment of the Contract
Fusion Gate
Fusion Recovery
Fusion Weapon
Machine Angel Ritual
Machine Angel Ritual
Machine Angel Ritual
Mystical Space Typhoon
Mystical Space Typhoon
Pot of Greed
Prima Light
Raregold Armor
Ritual Sanctuary
Ritual Weapon
The Warrior Returning Alive
White Veil
trap cards
A Rival Appears!
Angel Blast
Doble Passe
Hallowed Life Barrier
Pure Pupil
Spell Shield Type-8
Synthetic Seraphim
extra deck
Cyber Blader
Cyber Blader

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