5Ds Series

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Jack Atlas Deck (Anime Style) (Anime-Deck)

Jack Atlas Anime Style Deck

Deck List

Monster Cards
Archfiend Interceptor
Big Piece Golem
Mad Archfiend
Medium Piece Golem
Power Breaker
Power Giant
Power Invader
Small Piece Golem
Smile Angel
Smile Kid
Strong Wind Dragon
Synchro Soldier
Twin-Shield Defender
Twin-Sword Marauder
Vice Dragon
Attack Gainer
Clock Resonator
Creation Resonator
Dark Resonator
Dark Tinker
Dread Dragon
Extra Veiler
Sinister Sprocket
Trap Eater

Spell Cards
Cost Down
Double Summon
Red Dragon Vase
Resonator Call
Scarlet Security
Trap Pause
trap cards
Compulsory Recoil Device
Descending Lost Star
Lineage of Destruction
Nightmare Archfiends
Red Screen
Revival Gift
Shadow Spell
Zero Hole
extra deck
Multiple Piece Golem
Chaos King Archfiend
Exploder Dragonwing
Red Dragon Archfiend
Red Nova Dragon

Adrian Gecko | Exodia Deck (Anime-Deck)

Andrian Gecko Anime Style Deck

Deck List

(33 Cards)
Monster Cards | 13 Cards
Exodius The Ultimate Forbidden Lord
Exodia The Forbidden One
Left Arm Of The Forbidden One
Left Leg Of The Forbidden One
Right Arm Of The Forbidden One
Right Leg Of The Forbidden One
Vortex Trooper
Vortex Trooper
Vortex Trooper
Deep Diver
Deep Diver
Deep Diver
Fog King
Spell Cards | 13 Cards
Ritual Of The Ultimate Forbidden Lord
Ritual Of The Ultimate Forbidden Lord
Rage Of The Forbidden One
A Feather Of The Phoenix
Burden Of The Mighty
Shard Of Greed
Exploding Cloud
Magical Mallet
Magical Mallet
Magical Mallet
Royal Sword
Fog Castle
Trap Cards | 7 Cards
Backup Soldier
Break The Seal
Break The Seal
Break The Seal
Defense Seal Wall
Dimensional Prison
Crest Burn

Paradox | Malefic Deck (Anime-Deck)

Paradox Anime Style Deck

Deck List

(33 Cards)
Monster Cards | 11 Cards
Blue Eyes White Dragon
Red-Eyes Black Dragon
Malefic Blue eyes white dragon
Malefic Cyber End dragon
Malefic Parallel Gear
Malefic Rainbow dragon
Malefic Red-eyes B dragon
Malefic Stardust dragon
Malefic Truth dragon
phantom of chaos
Rainbow Dragon
Spell Cards | 10 Cards
Allure of Darkness
Forbidden Chalice
Malefic Divide
Malefic Selector
Malefic World
Malefic World
Malefic World
Monster Reborn
Pot of Greed
Pseudo Space
Trap Cards | 9 Cards
Call of the Haunted
Malefic Claw Stream
Malefic Paradigm Shift
Malefic Tune
Skill Drain
Skill Drain
Ultimate offering
Malefic Force
Ultimate Providence


Extra Deck Cards | 3 Cards
Cyber End Dragon
Malefic Paradox dragon
Stardust Dragon

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