Sartorius | Arcana Force – Society of Light Saga Deck


Sartorius | Arcana Force – Society of Light Saga Deck
Anime Style Deck (45 Cards)
Deck List

Monster Cards | 15 Cards
Arcana Force 0 – The Fool
Arcana Force I – The Magician
Arcana Force III – The Empress
Arcana Force IV – The Emperor
Arcana Force VI – The Lovers
Arcana Force VII – The Chariot
Arcana Force VIII – The Strength
Arcana Force XII – The Hangman
Arcana Force XIV – Temperance
Arcana Force XV – The Fiend
Arcana Force XVIII – The Moon
Arcana Force XXI – The World
Arcana Force EX – The Dark Ruler
Arcana Force EX – The Light Ruler
Knight of Pentacles

Spell Cards | 20 Cards
Ace of Sword
Arcanatic Doomscythe
Cup of Ace
Cup of Ace
Divination of Fate
Future Vision
Intervention of Fate
Light Barrier
Magician’s Scales
Monster Reincarnation
Necro Sacrifice
Pentacle of Ace
Reverse Reborn
Selection of Fate
Sowing of the Fool
Suit of Sword X
The Sky Lord
Field barrier
Second coin toss

Trap Cards | 10 Cards
Ace of Wand
Arcana Call
Decisive Power of Absolute Destiny
Emperor’s Staff
Reversal of Fate
Reversal of Fate
The Material Lord
The Spiritual Lord
Tour of Doom
Lucky chance

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