Zane Truesdale Deck (Anime Style)


Zane Truesdale Anime Style Deck

Deck List

Monster Cards
cyber dragon
cyber dragon
cyber dragon
cyber barrier dragon
cyber dark edge
cyber dark horn
cyber dark keel
cyber kirin
cyber laser dragon
cyber phoenix
Cyber valley
Cyber valley
kaiser glider
infernal Dragon
proto-cyber dragon
proto-cyber dragon
proto-cyber dragon

Spell Cards
Battle Fusion
creature swap
cyberdark impact!
De fusion
different dimension capsul
future fusion
heavy storm
Instant Fusion
limiter removal
monster reborn
mystical space typhoon
overlord fusion
overlord fusion
photon generator unit
Pot of Greed
power bond
power bond
ruthless denial
trap cards
attack reflector unit
call of the haunted
cybernetic hidden technology
damadge polarizer
Draining Shield
fusion guard
return from the different dimension
return soul
trap jammer
extra deck
chimeratec overdragon
chimeratech fortress dragon
cyber end dragon
cyber twin dragon
cyberdark dragon


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